My Christmas celebrations were delayed this year by a trip to the emergency room on Christmas eve. After a pleasant evening of opening presents, I lay down to rest and suddenly I couldn’t breathe.

An ambulance was called and they got to my home very quickly. All of a sudden there were eight men in my bedroom. (not for fun) Four firemen in long yellow slickers and four techs from the ambulance. My bedroom is 12′ x 12′ with a queen bed, two dressers, a desk and a dressing table/chair, so it was a little crowded.

They did all the right things immediately and then carried me out in a sling contraption. The ride to the hospital was only about ten minutes and I was soon on a big oxygen machine. Seems my lungs filled up with fluid and it felt like I was drowning.

I was admitted to the hospital, where I spent Christmas Day and the day after. Here is a photo of me having my Christmas lunch. Chicken in Burgundy sauce (right), and the featured item: a gingerbread man cookie.

Note the festive Christmas place mat. (dinner returned to the regular hospital food and no Christmas place mat)photoAnd here is another one of me actually eating the cookie. It was so huge, I only ate the legs for lunch. For dinner I had the arms, and on the morning after Christmas I ate the head and copy 2

Some things I am happy about, besides having my life saved: I had a mani/pedi the day I got sick, so my nails and toes looked great. Candy apple red for Christmas. Every nurse commented on them. I had my favorite perfume ‘Must de Cartier’ in my purse and was able to use it to ‘lift’ my spirits. Again the nurses said how my room was the best smelling room in the whole hospital.

I am home now, recovered from my ordeal. I didn’t have a heart attack, but I do have a 74 year old heart.

Post instructions include to watch my salt intake and not drink too much fluid. And rest when I feel tired.

Typical me: The thing I was most upset about was missing the day after Christmas shopping spree I was planning.