It’s been a while since I made something for my doll house. As it is Chaunaka week and I have a beautiful menorah and candles, I thought it would be nice to miniaturize it for my doll house. But how?photoI had the Christmas tree, Santa, presents and even a stocking hung on the mantle. But now to make the menorah look right, with all eight candles.

I took a photo of my menorah and printed it out on photo paper in a 2 x 3 inch size. Then I carefully cut it out, even down each candle. Next I rolled it around a pencil to give it some shape and finally glued it to a royal blue top from an ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ spray bottle.

It stands perfectly on my corner table and really adds to the decor. Now I have a truly multi denominational holiday room.

The beautiful wing chair is another of my creations. I copied a $3500 MacKenzie Child’s chair by cutting out paper patterns from several of the catalogs. I had to use several different catalogs to get the proper scale and enough of each pattern to do the front and back of the chair as well as the matching table.

I just glued the paper directly to the pink fabric and then gave the whole thing a heavy coat of tacky glue. Voila!