Pine nuts are a real delicacy. In specialty stores they can cost $35 a pound. At Costco a 1.5 pound bag is less than half of that.Scan

Still an expensive ingredient, but I recently broke down and bought a bag. I use them to jolly up hummus and to sprinkle on veggies.

I think the ‘trick’ is to toast them until golden brown in the oven for a few minutes. This brings out their flavor and aroma.

I just made something delicious. Pine nut butter. I bought 1.5 pounds of pine nuts at Costco as a recipe called for some. As I had about 1 pound plus left over, this was perfect.
In oven lightly toast one pound of pine nuts. Careful. Just till golden. In food processor put nuts, 1/4 teas kosher salt and one tablespoon of canola (or peanut) oil. Process for about two minutes or until smooth. Rich man’s peanut butter.
Yummy. This was in a magazine and recommended as three ounce Christmas gifts in little jars tied with a bow. Accompany with suggestions, such as smearing on good chocolate, a glob on squash soup, or just make a great PB and J sandwich.

So for that hard to shop for person, you could make them a jar of pine nut butter. And if they are a really good friend you could use a six ounce jar.

(This is a lot easier than baking a fruit cake)