It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it is 80 degrees and humid. And when all the men shoppers are wearing shorts and aloha shirts.

Today I went Christmas shopping with my son and my grandson. He opted for Neiman Marcus as he felt they wouldn’t be crowded. He was 100% right.

No lines, no bedlam and lots of salespeople. Very few customers. They do have beautiful merchandise and the store is very pleasant to shop in.

We started in the gourmet food department. That is an amazing place this time of the year. There are delicacies from all over the world. $100 bottles of Olive Oil from France,  $70 jars of mustard also from France and cakes and cookies from Italy, England and Japan.

Their candies are from all the finest chocolate makers and now Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan has a huge section of her candies. They are very colorful and the packaging is great. There was a $40 assembled ginger bread house and all you had to do was decorate it.

For the same price, a fondu set with chocolate and all the trimmings. For $60 a gingerbread kit. And the big bargain was a candy striped beach towel for only $15.

The store was very unbusy and it was easy to get waited on in every department. The sales ladies and men were very friendly, took their time and were very knowledgeable about their products.

It’s too bad that ‘normal’ stores don’t have the same quality of help and the pleasant unrushed feeling throughout the entire department store. The only thing missing was some pretty Christmas music or even a live piano player. That used to be a nice touch for the holidays.

I usually go to their half price sale the day after Christmas. There is always plenty left over.