I read the book and so I certainly wanted to see the movie.  The director Ang Lee surely had his hands full in filming this epic.

The story begins in India where a boy and his family live in a botanical garden that the father has made into a zoo. The movie starts by showing all the various animals in a beautiful setting. The city they live in in closing the zoo, but the father owns the animals and decides to relocate to Canada, where he can get a good price for his animals.

By now the youngest son is sixteen and doesn’t want to leave India and his ‘girlfriend’. But leave they do, on a Japanese ship. Four days out, the ship sinks and there the story really begins. The boy Pi is really the only survivor other than a couple of the animals.

His entire family perishes and he is left in a lifeboat on the open ocean. His boatmates start out to be a zebra, who falls into the boat, an orangutan, a hyena and a Bengal tiger. After a couple of days, all that are left are the boy and the tiger.

For someone who has never had any training in surviving a shipwreck, he is very inventive. You really have to see this to understand what all he went through. He was lost at sea for over 200 days and between figuring out what to eat and drink and also feeding and caring for the tiger, he was one busy boy.

The movie is over two hours long and I think there could have been some cutting done to bring it to an hour and a half. There are many scenes of waves crashing over the boat, and these could easily have been shortened.

I saw the movie with my son and my ten year old grandson. It was in 3D and very realistic. My grandson had his head tucked in his shirt more than once. I wasn’t scared, but I was glad that I knew he would finally get out of this predicament.

I always dress for wherever I am going. Western for a rodeo, Hawaiian for an island event and so on. I actually have a beautiful scarf with a tiger on it. I have had it for many years and doubt if I have worn it more than twice. It seemed to be the perfect thing to wear today.

I heard where Life of Pi and Argo (the true story of the Iranian revolution and getting six hostages out of Iran) are both heavy contenders for Best Picture. I would have to give my vote to Argo, but it will be interesting to see the outcome of the Academy Awards.