OK> I got ready. I put on black slacks and a black shirt. My Black Friday outfit. First stop Costco. Not too bad. I really didn’t pick up any Black Friday specials, I just needed a few things. The lines at the register were about six or eight deep, but they went quickly and I was in and out of the store in half an hour.

Then I thought I would give Macy’s a try. They are right across the street, but in case I found something to purchase, I took my car. Big mistake. The parking lot was total gridlock.

Finally I got out of the shopping center and there, right on the street was a parking place. I pulled in and walked up the ramp to Macy’s.

Oh, my God!

Total bedlam. You would think they were giving things away. Which they weren’t. Clothes were falling off the racks, tables were piled with tangled shirts and sweaters, and nothing was arranged according to size.

I wandered around for one hour and didn’t see one thing I wanted. Lucky for me, as the checkout lines at each cash register had at least thirty people waiting.

The best ‘deal’ was the Holiday shop with 60% off. The line there had about fifty people waiting to pay for their purchases. Some people only had one or two ornaments. It was a very orderly crowd.

In the paper today, there was an article about some of the various stores about town and how people were lining up to get their door busters today. Best Buy had some good prices on various tablets and the number one man in line had been camped out since Sunday. That is four days.

His mother made and brought a complete Thanksgiving dinner for him and his five new friends, who were in places two through six in the same line. The photo on the front page of this morning’s paper showed these six ‘strangers’ holding hands and saying grace before their meal.

Toys R Us had 600 customers in line when they opened. I wonder how long they had to stand in line at the cash register to pay for their toys.

Most of the companies have online Black Friday specials and that makes a lot more sense. No parking problem, no standing in line and probably a better selection.