This will be a strange Thanksgiving for me. I am not cooking a turkey dinner. Instead my son is taking us out to dinner for a Thanksgiving buffet at the Westin.

It seems odd not to be baking pies and making cranberry sauce. I may do it next week just for fun. In the meantime I will enjoy not having to clean up the kitchen after dinner.

I will miss the leftovers. That is always the best part. So I will have to at least roast a turkey breast so I can make some sandwiches.

There are some very funny Thanksgiving cards out there, but the one that I think takes the cake is the one from someecards.And if your market is out of these, Amazon has a box of 24 for $49.95.

OK> Day before Thanksgiving and I couldn’t stand it. I baked a pecan pie. As ‘dinner’ will be at four, I figure we will need a little something around seven.

Always put a pecan pie on a cookie sheet while you are baking it, as it oozes out and onto the oven floor. As you can see mine did, and I had it on a baking sheet. Oh, well, my oven needed cleaning anyway.