Time is becoming more valuable than money. Everybody has the exact same amount, and if you can do something quicker then you have more to spend. Got it?

I am fortunate in that I have always done everything in a fast way. I multi task and can talk and listen at the same time.And I can cook and bake four things at once.

When I  became a jewelry buyer in 1973 everything was ordered by the dozen. That meant that you had to extend the cost times 12 into the totals column. It is hard to multiply 22.96 x 12 or 59.90 x 12. Really can’t be done in your head.

There were no computers, just an adding machine with a square keyboard of ten numbers, a plus, minus, a division and multiplication sign and an equal sign. And if you were lucky it was electric and you didn’t have to pull the hand crank each time.

I changed the system and ordered everything in quantities of ten. This way, all I had to do was add a zero to the cost and Voila. This ‘saved’ me hours each day.

I felt I deserved a  two hour lunch or a late arrival time. My boss (my father) didn’t see it that way.

So today I found another good time saver. The post office has these nifty free boxes that are flat rate. Anything that fits will go at one rate. You still have to stand in line to have your box stamped with the correct postage.

That is what I always thought. Then today I tried the self service machine. I hit Buy Stamps and the bottom line said ‘other’. You just put in the amount of postage, which is $11.95 for a medium flat rate box, the quantity you want and the machine prints out these darling little stamps.

If you are using a credit card, you must keep your purchase to $50 or less, which is four of these stamps. If you need more, just do another transaction. If you are using a debit card there is no limit and you can buy stamps up to a $320 value.

The large flat rate box now costs $15.45 to mail, so you can only buy three of these at a time. Still no line.

With the price of postage being so high and it being such a humbug to pack and ship, no wonder gift cards make so much sense. You can put one in a greeting card and for 45 cents mail the whole shebang. Plus the person can pick out what he or she really wants.

Sometimes Safeway has gift card promotions. The one right now is, if you purchase $150 in gift cards (any type) you get a $25 certificate off your next marketing. Sometimes there is an iTunes card special.

My daughter used to buy these by the dozen and use them for gifts and prizes. When the grandchildren were younger, the tooth fairy always left a $15 iTunes card under the pillow.

One time she ‘forgot’ and she had to ‘fess up’. That is when the children found out that she was really the tooth fairy. She explained it in a nice way and told them that when they had children they would get to be the tooth fairy. This took some of the sting out of the revelation.