Taking pills is so complicated. I have an allergy and was told to take Benedryl. That seemed simple enough. Go to drugstore. See about seven different types and choose the one that seemed right. I selected the liqui-gels.

The directions, printed in pale blue on white needed to be read with a magnifying glass. Each capsule is in a separate sealed plastic hooded container. This container is meshed to a foil backing that it appears you are supposed to just peel off.

However, that is not what happens. When you try to lift the corner with the little arrow it just breaks off. So out came my sharp pointy paring knife and I made two slits along each side of the pill. This way I was able to scrape off the foil and lift the capsule out without puncturing it.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? I would really think twice before I would buy this brand again.

I would love to do a TV commercial showing just how absurd this is. Peter had a good idea. He suggested that I do a whole bunch at once. Just sit down, knife and tweezers in hand and prepare about a dozen pills.

That way, each time I have to take a dose, I will have some prepared. What a good idea!