I am not much of a gardener. I do not have a green thumb. It runs in the family. My daughter always joked that when she went to a nursery to buy a plant she asked the plants, “Which of you are prepared to die?”.

My late husband had a very green thumb. He could grow a tree from a seed. We were married for 23 years, but I never ‘caught’ this trait from him.

I have a lanai with a few plants. I water them, but they usually don’t do too well. I tried growing some spices like mint and basil and they croaked almost immediately.

I think I read that you are supposed to talk to your plants. That they like this. I’m afraid they wouldn’t like what I would say.

Yesterday while taking out the trash I ‘found’ two very tall ‘money’ trees that someone had just thrown away. As they were over seven feet tall, I asked a passing by teen to help me put them in my large shopping cart and I wheeled them to my condo.

Then I realized that these trees were in three gallon pots and starved for room to grow. I think the term is root bound. They were ‘locked’ into the plastic pots.

So I went to City Mill and purchased two ten gallon pots, two bags of potting soil and spent the entire afternoon transplanting these ‘free’ trees. Besides costing me $50 for the pots and the soil, I made a huge mess. (I actually had to saw the plastic pots to get them to release the soil and the roots).

The trees seemed tipsy, so I realized I would have to tie them to something. Luckily I have some metal posts in the corners of my gazebo that are very sturdy. But what to tie them with?

I found the perfect answer. Nylon stockings. I have a whole drawer full and living in Hawaii, almost never wear stockings. Very sheer black Donna Karen ones worked perfectly. The posts are dark brown, so the ‘ties’ didn’t hardly show.

If you cut up a pair of nylons, you should be able to get four good size ties out of the two legs. If you just need small ties, you can cut them in strips sideways and get a dozen or more.

The trees had three ‘trunks’ each, so I tied them in several places. I got MiracleGro potting soil with lots of nutrients, so the trees should be happy for months to come.

Also, The trees had lots of long leaves, but there were brown tips on many of the leaves. I just took a sharp scissors and cut a diagonal snip off of each leaf. Now they look great! Voila!