Why didn’t I think of this about forty years ago? I am reminded of the Pennsylvania Dutch saying, “Too soon old, too late schmart”.

It is not only hard to find Tylenol on the drugstore shelves, it is nearly impossible to line up the little arrow/marker at night. At age 74, I finally figured out a solution. Put a dab of nail polish on the arrow and the little marker. Voila.

The first time I had this problem, I had had eye surgery and the pain killer came in a bottle that had a similar child proof top. I was able to feel the raised part with my fingernail, but what if I didn’t have long fingernails?

I think child proof caps are really a pain. When I had my recent open heart surgery, the pain killers came in a bottle that required that you press down and turn the top to release it.

That simple motion was not allowed during my recovery process. If you request non child proof caps, your pharmacy will happily use them for your medications. In the meantime, for any over the counter ones, use the nail polish method.

And as for children not being able to figure out how to open a bottle, that is ridiculous. Most children can text with their thumbs before they are five years old.

Also, you can label your face creams with nail polish. A big E for eye cream, N for night cream and D for day cream. This is very handy if you use the same brand and all the little jars look alike.