Amazon is a terrific company. Not only do they have a huge assortment of products at excellent prices, their customer service is the best of any company.

If you ever want to contact them about anything, just press the ‘call me now’ button and in less than one minute, a customer service rep. will phone you. No waiting, no music, no long explanation about how they are so happy you called.

About a year ago I bought a great product from a kiosk on the mall. It was an iPhone transmitter/car charger that let you hear your music through your car speakers, while charging your phone. Then if you got a phone call, the music turned off and you could speak to the caller through your car speakers. No hands.

The connection cable broke and so I got another one, as by now I couldn’t live without it. At $149 I thought it was expensive, but what to do?  .

So when the second one fell apart, I decided to look online for something to replace it with. Voila. Amazon.

When I looked it up and found the exact same thing for $11.99 plus $4.99 shipping, I felt really stupid. Plus they had several other models that were similar for a little less or a little more. All prices were under $20 (with shipping).

I had heard that the mall charged $16,000 a month rent for the kiosks on the mall, and this one was in the most prime location, right out of Macy’s front door. So next time you see something nifty at the mall, before you buy it, check it out at Amazon.