Last night my favorite (only) aunt passed away. Aunt Roz was 90 years old and two weeks ago, her husband of 70 years also died.

Aunt Roz and Me… Shopping at Bloomingdales, Century City, California

Evidently it is very common for this dual passing to occur. When one spouse dies and the survivor is quite old, this often happens.  She really wasn’t sick, but very frail, had a heart attack and died.

She led a full life and did not suffer a long illness, so that was a blessing. My daughter called to tell me of her passing and asked if I would write something for the memorial service.

This is what I wrote :

Dear Aunt Roz:
My memories of you go back over seventy years. You were like an older sister to me and you taught me so many things.

The first one was how to make mud pies. You and I sat in my sandbox on the slopes of Punchbowl and made great desserts out of mud and sand.

On Pearl Harbor Day, you alerted the whole family. ” They’re bombing us, they’re bombing us.” My father (your brother) told you to go back to sleep, that you were dreaming, but when we looked out the window, we all realized you were right.

Then during the war, when I lived with you and Baby Susan, you taught me how to blow bubbles with bubble gum and how to roller skate. (You made me a shoelace necklace with my skate key so it would always be handy.)

Living with you at Park La Brea, on Fairfax smack between the Farmer’s Market and the May Company, you taught me how to shop. Even though I was only six, I caught on quickly and have used those skills my whole life.

You taught me how to be a good wife and mother. To this day, I use many of the recipes and cooking methods I learned from you.

But what I always admired the most was your totally non-judgemental attitude about life. You accepted everyone into your heart and I never heard you utter an unkind word.

I will miss all our long talks and all our jokes and laughter. I will miss the always perfect birthday cards. I will think of you every day. I miss you already.

All my love, your niece Sandy

Roz-Always the snappy dresser. Note how the silver tennis shoes match the silver cane. And of course matching earrings and necklace even for a quick trip to the mall.