Here in Hawaii we don’t have too many horrific events, but one last week had me very upset.

It seems a nineteen year old boy who was living with his 70 year old grandmother in an apartment not too far from where I live, stabbed her 32 times. So far she hasn’t died, so it is attempted murder at this point.

This occurred around midnight and he was captured the next evening in his girlfriend’s dormitory room. As he arrived all bloody, he told her he had been in a knife fight and that one of the losers of the fight had probably hurt his grandmother.

Great story, except his grandmother told police that HE stabbed her and he was seen leaving the scene of the crime. As far as stabbing anything 32 times, that seems a bit much. Just try taking a raw chicken and putting it on the counter. Even with it not moving, it would be hard to stab it that many times.

It will be interesting to hear the whole story from the grandmother. I also read that since his victim was over 60, he will qualify for a longer prison sentence, under a special law for felonies against the elderly.

On the international scene, an even worse story: A Pakistani couple are in jail on charges that they killed their fifteen year old daughter with acid. Her offense: she looked at a boy.

What she did was this: She was on the sidewalk with her parents and a boy drove by on a motorcycle. She looked at him. That’s it. Her father said that this dishonored the family, so he killed her by pouring acid on her. Before she died she did say she wouldn’t do that again.

There are many cases where parents kill their daughters for having an non approved relationship or for dishonoring the family by not agreeing to marry someone the parents have chosen.

We are lucky in our country and this sort of situation is not the norm. My father and mother made my life miserable when I married someone not to their liking, but at least they didn’t kill me.