I am very pleased with the outcome of the election for President of the USA. I was never a Romney fan and now even less of one.

What a Rotten Loser!

For someone to be so ill prepared for the possibility of losing is inexcusable. To have so little regard for the people, he claims to represent, even more inexcusable. To make his hard working campaign people wait for nearly two hours while he hemmed and hawed is not forgivable.

Not to mention the TV networks, who had to tie up thousands of workers into the wee hours of the morning to extend the coverage an extra two hours. I think they should sue Romney for the extra costs incurred, plus all the lost viewers who gave up and went to bed, without seeing the climax of the evening.

Here in Hawaii, it was only 9 p.m. when it wrapped up, but on the East coast it was 2 A.M. on Wednesday. And Wednesday is a school and working day for most Americans.

And then to give a lame speech, while he sweated away did little to bolster his ratings. Finally to have his entire family of children, spouses, grandchildren there was ridiculous. Maybe to show off a huge Mormon clan.

He had probably promised them they would all come out to celebrate his victory. As he was defeated, why he had twenty family members on stage is a mystery to me.

Obama could not give his acceptance speech until Romney had conceded the election. His campaign headquarters was packed with gleeful supporters.

It must have been difficult to keep up the flag waving frenzy for two hours prior to his appearance. And when he finally did appear, his arms were around his daughters, not his wife.

In fact, their whole interaction was very strange. The only thing I am not happy about is having Michele Obama as the First Lady for another four years.