My granddaughter Cami is an artist. She is only eleven, but already has painted some amazing work. Nothing compares to the latest project. A wall mural painted on a concrete wall.

Not that she did this all by herself. She did draw some of the figures and the theme sign at the top was hers.

She and her mother (my daughter) spearheaded a school project to paint a forty foot mural depicting the school’s activities and purpose. The theme: Our Community of Kindness and Respect.

The logistics of this project are amazing. First two mural artists from the Bay area were hired, to consult and advise how to actually do this. The concrete had to be sealed and primed before the mural could be drawn on the wall.

What kind of paint is used? and what are the logistics of actually painting this large a surface by so many people?

After drawing the mural on paper, with art submitted by many of the students, it was transferred to the wall with charcoal. The hired artists did not do any of the art work. This was all done by students.

Procuring the scaffolding and ladders needed and the equipment for the actual painting was a job in itself. It was very exciting to see it take shape and then to see it in color, Wow!

The mural is in honor of a dearly beloved school principal who retired last year. The yellow sign in the  left bottom of the mural will have a dedication to her.

My daughter is president of the PTA and there will be a dedication ceremony when it is fully completed.

In the upper left corner of the mural is a Viking in a sailing ship. This is the school logo.

And here is a detail of one section of the mural. My daughter designed this group of children playing musical instruments and the feet hanging from the scaffolding are Cami’s.

When you read about all the crazy stuff that school kids are doing, and all the negative articles, it is very refreshing to see what can be accomplished in a positive creative atmosphere.

About forty people showed up on ‘painting’ day to help paint. They worked from 10-4 and the mural is mostly finished. Next week there will be a few ‘touch ups’ and then the only thing left to do is to apply a clear coat over all to protect it from the elements.

This is Crocker Middle School, a public school for grades six to eight in the very upscale neighborhood of Hillsborough, south of San Francisco. The parents are deeply involved in the school activities and contribute both time and money to improve the ‘normal’ public school curriculum.

Here is a photo showing the actual painting of the mural. My granddaughter is the one in the blue shirt in the middle.

I wanted to share this with my Readers, as it might give an idea and inspiration to someone else who could develop a similar project for their school.