Daylight savings time ends tomorrow. That means that tonight at midnight you folks in the other 48 states have to turn your clocks back. Remember Spring forward, Fall back.

That’s right, we don’t have DST here in Hawaii, so it has been three hours to LA, San Fran and Las Vegas. Now it will only be two. Better for long distance calling in the evening.

Arizona doesn’t have DST either. Very confusing. I once lived on the Nevada/Utah/Arizona border town of Mesquite, Nevada. My dentist was in Utah, we went out to dinner in Arizona and I worked in Nevada. I could never figure out what time it was.

I can remember having to go around the house setting the clocks forward or back and invariably forgetting at least one.

I was in the timeshare business and our first tour of the day was eight a.m. That meant that the folks coming to the presentation were supposed to be there by 7:45, to check in.

Most of the clients were tourists coming from another state and totally not keeping track of time. On DST changeover days they were either an hour early or an hour late.

I have traveled to Montana in the summertime and there is daylight till ten p.m. at night. In fact due to the Northern Light, it hardly gets dark even in the middle of the night.

Same is true in Seattle. We lived there when my children were two, four and six. Trying to get them to bed during DST was always a struggle. Finally we put black out shutters on all their windows.

Here in Hawaii, DST doesn’t exist, so it isn’t a problem. The only time we notice it, is when it first starts and we have to fly somewhere. Actually, I don’t see why they don’t just keep it that way all the time. Who want’s to drive home from work in the dark?