Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the Honolulu Craft Fair. It was held at the Blaisdell and featured 200 booths.

There was the usual Hawaiian type offerings of potholders and baby blankets in Hawaiian prints. The Hawaiian flavors of salt and dips, cookies and drinks were in full force.

And then there were the As Seen on TV type of goodies. Slush makers, and magic whisks. Of course there were massage chairs and all sorts of magnet therapy items for necks and backs.

Lots of creams and lotions and even vitamins. Pots and pans and knives and storage solutions. Just a bevy of things to make your life easier.

I went with my son and my grandson and it really was a fun time.

There were several very unusual booths. One was a booth where the mother and father made gorgeous Hawaiian quilts. These were all one of a kind and huge. My son bought a queen size one for his bed.

Then we came upon the most original booth of the night. Murano glass jewelry and Venetian masks and capes. The masks were so beautiful. Really works of art.

With Halloween coming up, my son got himself a large gold and dark blue mask with a matching navy silky cape. As he is 6’3″ and 250 pounds, the cape had to be extra extra large. Sort of like Phantom of the Opera.

Then it was my turn. I chose a ‘Baby size mask’, as I didn’t want to be too hot.

It will be perfect for my walk through Waikiki on Halloween. And then I will keep it on my glass coffee table to enjoy the rest of the year.