Well, that was the shortest World Series I have ever seen. I did love the outcome, but the first three games were not that exciting.

The game today, Number 4 was really thrilling. First it was one to nothing, then two to one, then three to two, then three to three and finally four to three, Giants.

Each game had a different great player. It wasn’t all pitching. Sandoval got three home runs in one game. Buster Posey got a two run RBI home run in this final game and besides was a terrific catcher. And he is only 25 years old.

The game today was tied at the end of the ninth inning and so had to go into extra innings. Only one, though, as the Giants wrapped it up in the tenth with a go ahead run. And the Tigers didn’t score in the bottom of the tenth.

Watching the San Francisco team celebrate their win, was like watching twenty five little boys jumping up and down and hugging one another.

Meanwhile there were 10,000 fans in San Francisco at the Civic Center having their victory celebration. People were going crazy with excitement and squirting one another with champagne.

I guess the next big sporting event will be the Super Bowl. I’ll have to rest up for that one.