I am a San Francisco Giants fan and so I was very happy with the game today. Game one of the World Series 8-3.

For the longest time it was 5-0, 6-0 and finally Detroit scored a run. Then two more. The Detroit pitcher was touted as the greatest since sliced bread.

But when Pablo Sandoval hit his second home run, he was replaced. Then when Pablo came up again against another pitcher, he hit his third home run of the game. With that, he joined only three other players in history who have done that in a World Series game.

What a thrill to join the ranks of Babe Ruth.

Tomorrow is game two, and I hope it is a repeat of the game today.

I will not be writing much in the way of original blogs this week due to the fact that I will be very busy watching the games. I may do some reprints of previous blogs.