Yesterday I had lunch at the Blue Water Grill in Hawaii Kai. It was such a nice experience I thought I would share it with you Dear Readers. This restaurant is in the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center.

Blue Water Grill

The restaurant looks directly at Koko Isle, and it brought back so many memories. I took my son who is 54 and as he was 12 when we lived at Koko Isle, it was nostalgia time.

In 1968 we purchased a townhouse on Koko Isle in Hawaii Kai. The island was in the middle of the marina and was made out of the silt that had been dredged out to make the open water.

The homes on the inside circle were $32,000 and the ones on the water were $40,000. We could only afford one on the inner circle.

In 1972, I sold that townhouse for $60,000 and today it is more than ten times that. When we lived there, there were lots of canals to cruise around, but no commercial business other than a small market, Baskin and Robbins ice cream and Colonel Sanders fried chicken.

It was a fairly long drive, with no freeway, to get to town, buy a pair of shoes, go to the beauty parlor, out to dinner and a movie or pick up a prescription at Longs.

My three children went to private school ‘in town’ and there was no bus system so every day I was the ‘bus’ driver back and forth. As my son was an athlete and my daughters were dancers, their schedules didn’t always coincide. Some days there were three trips back and forth.

This was the view of Koko Isle and Koko Head from our waterside table at Blue Water Grill

There is an outside patio that seats about 100 and an inside that also seats about 100. It was a gorgeous Hawaiian day with palm trees swaying and trade winds off the water. There was a steady stream of boats going right by our table.

Lots of Boston Whalers, motor boats, kayaks and pontoon boats. When we lived on Koko Isle, we had a Chris Craft and it is essential to have a boat if you live in this area. Many of the homes have their own docks, but there is also Koko Marina dock and the shopping centers have docks for their boat parking.

In 1968 to 1972, there was no Hawaii Kai Shopping Center or Hawaii Kai Town Center. There was no Costco, Longs, Safeway, or Ross. No Fantastic Sams, or Panda Express. No City Mill or Starbucks. No PayLess Shoe Store or Bank of Hawaii. And on and on.

There are several movie theaters and a multitude of fine restaurants now. You can even boat across the channel, go to Safeway or Longs and boat home.

Blue Water Grill serves lunch and dinner. The menu is very extensive. Gary opted for a Mohito first. He explained that this is James Bond’s drink.

Then he had the Kiawe grilled steak and garlic mashed potatoes. I had the Kiawe grilled mahimahi. We each had a garden salad first. Both entree’s were delicious.

Everything was served in beautiful triangle shaped plates and bowls. I asked if there were any rolls or crackers to go with my salad and the answer was ‘No’. I thought that was very odd, as to me the best part of any meal is a good bread basket.

All in all a very nice lunch. Except for no rolls or crackers with my salad. If you are planning on lunch, be aware that ours came to $85, and the only drink I had was iced tea. (I did have a Groupon, good for $60 that actually cost me $30). And Gary picked up the rest.

The food was excellent. But the atmosphere of being on the water on such a beautiful day is what makes me want to go back for a sunset dinner.

If you want to check out this restaurant for yourself, drive out Kalanianaole Hwy. east till you get to Keaholu Street. Turn left and go past the Hawaii Kai Town Center, past Costco, and you will come to the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center. The restaurant is on the water, behind Longs.

If you are driving from Waikiki or Ala Moana area, figure on half an hour and change to get there.