Sorry, but I couldn’t write a blog last night as my internet connection was down. We are so dependent on the internet these days, it is hard to remember not having it at all.

I just went to a great movie, Argo. It took place in 1979 in Iran right after the Ayatollah took power. Americans were held hostage and the story is how six were rescued by the CIA in a clandestine operation.

To get the six actors ready to play the parts of stranded Americans, they were required to spend one week in a special house together. There was no internet, no computers, no cell phones and no air conditioning.

All the magazines and newspapers were from 1979 and there was no communication with anyone outside of this ‘prison’.

I felt so trapped last night, not being able to get my email, play my Netflix or write my blog. Meanwhile the children of today are so dependent on their electronic devices, that they will be in quite a fix, if they are without their ‘toys’ for even a day.

My ten year old grandson has two cell phones and two computers. This way when he has a friend come over, they can play games against one another on two separate devices.

When I was ten, I was playing with paper dolls. I did have two pair of scissors, so if a friend came over to play she could cut out doll clothes too.

What is this world coming to?