Yesterday was the six week anniversary of my open heart surgery. I had my final follow up appointment with the surgeon who did this operation.

I had been a very compliant patient for the past six weeks. Sleeping on my back, wearing my heart splint 24/7 and not driving. But all these deprivations were beginning to bug me.

So I made a list of all my wishes and when I went for my appointment, I was hoping to get some of these requests answered.

First was a chest x ray and lo and behold, I was AOK after only six weeks. (originally I had been told that it can take three months for the sternum to heal after being sawed in half.)

So No, I didn’t have to wear the splint anymore. And Yes, I could sleep on my side, and Yes I could drive. I felt like I won the lottery. A triple winner.

Being 74, this was pretty amazing, as we older folks have brittle bones that don’t mend as fast as  younger people.

I thought this called for a celebration! I made an appointment for a facial at my favorite beauty spot, and drove there and spent a wonderful two hours getting pampered. Then out to dinner.

Today I awoke to a sore back. I guess my body has to adjust to my new (old) sleeping posture. But it was worth it.