The other day I told of my plight. I had bought six pair of jeans, worn each one once and then lost twelve pounds.

My comments from readers were heavy on the donate them to charity side, but I really liked the jeans and so I decided to put my sewing skills to good use.

I checked on the internet and found that to alter jeans and make them tighter, all you have to do is to take in the inseam.

I went to Walmart and bought six spools of matching thread and a pack of denim/jeans sewing machine needles. (The hardest part was threading the needle.)

The instructions said to make the jeans one inch smaller on each side, sew a new seam half an inch from the old seam. I had to sew one inch from the old seam. Then when I got to the knee, I just tapered the stitching to join the original stitches lower in the leg.

So far I have done the black and navy pair and they came out great. If I lose any more weight, I may have to make another row of stitches.

I will wait a week or so before I do the other four pair.