On September 3, I had open heart surgery due to a 95% blockage in the main artery. All went well, but when I woke up, I was twenty pounds heavier than when I arrived at the hospital.

OH, it is just water, you will lose it all by the time you go home. Ha ha. By the time I went home, I was down to 170.

All my jeans were too tight to zip up. I had ‘nothing’ to wear. So I bought five pair of jeans, (denim, black red, purple and brown.)

What was I thinking? By sticking to my low salt, lo fat, lo carb diet like a good recovering patient, my weight is now 156.5 and still going down.

All my pants are baggy and this is a real first for me. What to do with five pair of practically brand new jeans that look awful on me?

I guess I could alter them. By sewing the side seams down from the waist to the ankles. Oh, dear, I don’t know how much. Or maybe you take up the slack by sewing the inner seam tighter? I’ll have to check the internet for how to alter jeans.

OK: I just looked this problem up on the internet. It says to sew the inseam half an inch in from the seam that is there for every inch you want to take the pants in. Hmm. I guess I’ll have to pin and measure first. (It also says to use a heavy duty needle on your sewing machine for this project.)

The same website has instructions for making the jean skirt. I guess I’ll have to give both of these projects a try.

I used to make jeans skirts by cutting the inner seam and piecing in a triangle of complimentary material. But at age 74, do I really want five jean’s skirts?  I think I saw a book on Amazon of all the things you can make out of old jeans.

If any of you Dear Readers have any ideas, I would sure appreciate any comments. Thank you