While poking around Ross the other day I found a great shoe rack. It is regularly $59.95, but at Ross it was $29.99.

As my shoes were all over my closet floor I decided this would simplify my life. It was not very hard to assemble and when I did, I found I could put thirty pair of shoes in one square foot of space.

I liked this so much I started to think outside the box as to how this could be used for something other than shoes. I decided to get another one and use it in my kitchen.

I checked online and this item is available in several different places. If there is no Ross in your area, just check under telescoping 36 pair shoe rack. Prices range from $29.99 to $99.99 for the same item, however either the shipping charges to Hawaii were outrageous or they didn’t ship to Hawaii at all. So back to Ross.

This gave me six baskets for bananas, potatoes, onions, lemons etc. And in one square foot of floor space. It has a heavy chrome base and a tension rod to the ceiling.

There are lots of hooks I can hang things on if I want to. But for now, this is how it looks. Voila!