One of my favorite desserts on a hot humid day is a popsicle or a fudgesicle. I have tried many different kinds and here is my review.

As I am not supposed to have much sugar, I have gone for the sugar free varieties. Healthy Choice makes a good fudgesicle. Costco sells a large box of 16, which is hard to fit into my narrow freezer.

Popsicle brand in the yellow box makes a good one and this box has eight, so that fits better. But so far my favorite is by Weight Watcher’s. Only 100 calories per, and it is very very creamy and delicious.

You can also use a fudgesicle as a basis for a milkshake. Simply add to non fat dry milk mixed with a little water, some ice and chocolate syrup. Or add some frozen banana.

Popsicles come in lots of flavors. I have been using the sugar free variety by Popsicle, but I also like the creamsicle type with orange and white ‘ice cream’ inside.’.

When my children were little I had a popsicle maker I got from Tupperware. I used to make popsicles out of kool aid and juice.

Now there is a great popsicle maker that makes three popsicles almost instantly. Voila. It is called Zoku and is available from Williams and Sonoma.

Target and Amazon also carry similar items. I’ll have to look into this. I always like to ‘make my own’. That way I can totally control the ingredients and not have to worry about things like hidden sodium. Can you believe the Weight Watcher fudgesicle has 210 mg. of sodium?