Yes, I was one of those people who logged into the Apple store to pre order my iPhone 5. The phone was supposed to go on sale at 9 p.m. September 14, Hawaii time. So at 8:30 I logged on and waited for the count down. It was like the Big Ball in Times square on New Years Eve.

Lucky I got home from the hospital on September 12. This was to be my Big Celebration after just two days home from my double bypass surgery.

Very exciting to be one of the first few million. From 8:30 to 9 there was a nice note from Apple saying thank you and that they would get to me just as soon as possible. This came on every few seconds in languages from around the world. Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Italian and on and on.

Then at 9:04 came a message that if I would choose the model and color I wanted, they would reserve me a phone. And then they would get back to me with an actual order form a little later in the evening.

I chose the white case with the 32GB and requested the same unlimited data plan that I have with AT&T. ($299)

It is now about ten days later and I have received a shipping notice that says my phone will be arriving on Tuesday, (tomorrow).

I have seen Peter’s phone. He ordered his about half an hour before I did and so he got his already. It is so slim and does so many neat things, I can’t wait.

I decided to see what accessories are available for the phone and I stumbled across a very good deal. Zoo Gue iPhone 5 case for FREE.

FREE iPhone 5 Social Pro Cases

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Expected to ship in 3-6 weeks
Calculated at checkout
Maximum Purchase:
2 unit(s)

Just go to Select case. Comes in ten colors. I got black and spice red. Both striking with white.
Enter code ‘free zoo gue accessory’ and Voila. Regularly $14.99 each. Now just $3.99 for shipping, or for two $5.99.

What an exciting September! Open heart surgery and a new iPhone!