CABG-Pronounced like cabbage. Sorry I have been off the radar for nearly three weeks. I was having shortness of breath back in mid August, went to cardiologist. He put me in hospital that very day. Turns out that the stents I had installed a year ago were 95% blocked.

This means that I needed open heart surgery to replace the artery and vein going to and from my heart. However I was taking a strong blood thinner (to prevent just such a thing from happening) and had to rest in the hospital for a week until I could undergo surgery.

I’ll give you all the juicy details later, but the bottom line is that I had the surgery on Labor Day. Spent the next ten days in the hospital and now have been home for four. My recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Today I even went and got a pedicure. Someone drove me, but I walked in and out on my own two feet.

My next several blogs will be about the surgery procedures, the why and how. And how the past two weeks have gone by.

I have changed my lifestyle a complete 180. Still cooking, but now it is sodium free almost, and of course I won’t be making a lot of cheese cakes. I do plan to adapt my favorite foods and recipes to a heart healthy diet.

I’m getting a little tired now and it is time for my 3 p.m. pain pill. Aloha Sandy