There is yet another new invention. This one is something I wish they had here in Hawaii: A body scanner to determine the exact jeans that will fit you.

Unfortunately there is only one in operation and it is in the Bloomingdale store in the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, California.

What a great idea! My daughter lives near this mall and next time I go to visit her, this will definitely be on my list of things to do. I usually go for Halloween so that would be perfect.

This works in a similar way to the airport scanner, but it is not an x ray. Evidently you strip down to your underwear and enter a plexiglass booth. The scan only takes ten seconds.

Then someone with an iPad, who is monitoring this device can see which jeans will fit your particular body. Instead of having to try on eleven pair of jeans (the average number to find the perfect fit), this can be narrowed down to two pair.

Of course these have to be in stock and of course in your size. You get your choice of color and style.

I know that jean shopping is a real pain in the neck. (Or ass). I dread it almost as much as bathing suit shopping. There are so many brands and styles. Costco even carries jeans, but I don’t think I have the guts to buy a pair without trying them on.

The machine scans your body down to the centimeter. This is designed by Microsoft. No more dragging eight different pair in two sizes to the dressing room. (That is if your store will even let you take eight items into the dressing room)

There are some drawbacks to having this in more retail stores. First it takes up some space. Second, someone has to monitor it, and third it is very expensive.

On the other hand someone has to refold or rehang all the rejected try ons. This has to cost the store plenty in man hours. This way, there would only be one or two rejections at the most.

I’m sure in the future, it will be the norm. Sort of like the scanner that now tells you the price of an item simply by putting the bar code under the viewer.

Macy’s has these throughout the store and when something is on sale, it automatically gives you the sale price, even if it isn’t on the tag. So when something is 50% off of the already 50% off, the machine knows.

Lucky for me, I can do calculations like that in my head. For twenty five years I worked as a commissioned saleswoman selling timeshare. I was constantly figuring out my income by multiplying 7% of the sales price and subtracting cancellations.

If volume of sales went up or down, the commission rate would fluctuate, so I actually can multiply any number from 5% to 15% commission in my head in about ten seconds. But choosing a pair of jeans that fit is another story.

The price range for jeans varies greatly. I saw some terrific Diane von Furstenberg jeans at Costco for $15.99. The nice thing about these is that they came in short, average and tall. Also stretch.

Then there are tons in the $80 to $100 range. At Macy’s there are so many brands, all on different racks in different departments. I think there should be a ‘jean’ department, instead of having them scattered in seven different places.

Not My Daughter’s Jeans are nice, but now there are so many styles, it has become very confusing. Plus they are so long, that unless you are nearly six feet tall, the purchase almost always involves shortening. As you are supposed to wash the jeans before doing that, there is another pain the neck.

If you want this done at the store, you have to buy them, take them home, wash and dry them and then return for a fitting. Then it takes about a week till they are ready.

If you want to do it yourself, you still have the take home, wash/dry part, but now to get them even and sew them in matching thread to the other thread on the garment. Scary.

If you just turn them under and do a blind stitch, they really don’t look or hang right. It is so nice if you can find them the right length to begin with. Of course if you plan to wear these with high heels sometimes and low heels some other times, you may have to buy two pair.

I wonder if the scanner takes this into consideration.

Levi jeans has many different styles and they range from $40-$70. Calvin Klein has a very good fitting jean around $100. Same with DKNY, and theirs is a stretch jean, which makes a lot of sense.

Not My Daughter’s Jeans used to cost around $80, now they are closer to $120. I did see some at Nordstrom’s Rack for $50 or less, but they were weird. Grey or tan and bell bottoms.

There is always the Gap. This used to be a simple purchase. Not any more.

The designer jeans can easily run $200 and up. Lucky for me these usually come in size six and under.