Every year in September out comes the hugest Vogue magazine. Actually if you subscribe to Vogue, the issue arrives the last week of August.

There was even a TV special about this subject. (Or maybe it was a movie). “The September Issue”.

Evidently it is their biggest editorial event of the year. And this year is the 120th anniversary issue.

Nine hundred and sixteen pages. All the Fall Fashions. Of course here in Hawaii, most of it is not really wearable, but still fun to look at.

When it is 80 degrees here and we are all going barefoot or wearing thongs, it is hard to get behind the whoop la about the beautiful boots for fall. And forget about the leather skirts and pants.

And just think, those poor models had to pose for all these fashions plus the furs during the months of June and July, when the temperatures were over 100 degrees pretty much everywhere.

I will have to curl up with this tonight. I guess I should plan on about three hours at least to peruse this issue. I’m sure that half of it will be ads for cosmetics, jewelry and clothing.

I have been subscribing to Vogue magazine for fifty years. It’s not only about the clothes, the articles and photography are outstanding.

In the same mail came my September issue of W magazine. This one is also very thick and will require another evening to read all the way through. Not as big as Vogue, but pretty impressive.

When I am done reading the magazine I will have to figure out some sort of paper craft to make use of the beautiful pages. Maybe I can cut out some of the images and decoupage a tray.

I found a great tray on my recent trip to the Salvation Army. $2 and it has really good lines. I think this will be perfect to decoupage with cutouts from Vogue.

And here is the finished product. The center features the covers from 1892, 1949 and 2012. The edges are mostly models and designers of our time.