I have to take about ten pills a day. Some of them are quite large. I take the smaller ones four or five at a time.

Nothing is worse than having pills stuck in your throat or as a ‘lump’ at the top of your chest. Guess what? There is an easy way to avoid this.

Here you go.

Simply put the pill or pills in your mouth. Roll them around on your tongue coating them with saliva. Then take a drink of water and Voila.

They slide right down. No problemo. Too bad I didn’t find this out till I was 74 years old. There is a Pennsylvania Dutch saying, “Too soon old, too late schmart”.

Actually there are many clever sayings in various languages and dialects that don’t translate well into English.

One of my favorites is a Polish saying. I don’t know how to say it in Polish, but the translation is, “What is allowed for a pig, is not allowed for a piglet”. (This is what Polish parents say to their children when they are copying something an adult does or says).

If any of you readers know the Polish translation for this, please leave me a comment. Thank you.

My husband was Polish. He died without teaching me Polish, although he often made Polish remarks. I knew a few words, but most of them had to do with our cats. This was how we tried to communicate without the cats knowing what we were saying.

Guess what? I think the cats were fluent in Polish and knew the language better than I did.