I have spent this long, hot summer enjoying homemade iced coffee everyday!  Until last summer, I had never heard of “cold brew” coffee.  Then, last summer, I read a recipe from the NY Times on how to prepare iced coffee so that it wasn’t acidic and actually tasted sweeter.  The coffee steeped overnight and you strained the coffee in the morning.  I did it a number of times and loved the coffee but I did not like having to prepare it daily and always kicked myself in the morning if I hadn’t done it started it the night before. (I’m lazy I know!)
This summer, I found a recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  She makes a mega amount of coffee (24 servings!) and it keeps for three weeks in her fridge.  Awesome!  I had to adjust all my measurements to accommodate my small scale measuring cups, steeping bowls and fridge size but I am loving it!  Iced coffee every day all summer!
I start with a 12 oz bag of coffee, measuring cup and a large glass bowl.
I pour half of the bag into the bowl.
Then I fill it with 12 cups of water.
I cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit for 8 hours.
After 8 hours, I place a strainer over another bowl, cover the strainer with cheesecloth, and pour half into the strainer.  (I’ve also done this with paper towels and it worked just as well).
It makes sludge (and smells good).  From there, I place the same strainer over the pitcher that I plan to store the coffee in and pour from the small bowl into the pitcher.  Some of the coffee grinds always seem to make it through on the first pass.
Then I repeat with the rest of the coffee in the large bowl until all of the coffee has been strained.  I store it in my refrigerator for the week.
I get about 2 cups a day of coffee with these measurements for the week.
When I am ready to have my morning fix, I  pour the coffee in a glass and mix the milk (or half and half) with sugar before filling the glass with ice cubes.  It makes it a lot easier to stir and keeps all of the sugar from settling to the bottom.  It’s a great way to start a hot day!