So sorry I didn’t post a blog yesterday. This is what happened:

My daughter, son in law and two grandchildren are visiting Hawaii. They are staying at the Aulani Disney resort, which is over an hour away, clear on the West shore of our fair island. (My next blog will be a recap of the resort itself)

Yesterday I drove out to spend the day with them, leaving at nine a.m. and not getting home till nearly ten p.m. I was so tired after a day of fun in the sun, I crashed.

Looking back on the day, it was nearly 100% perfect. My son and his son joined us and it was the first time the three cousins had ever met one another.

My daughters children and my son’s son have led totally different lives up to this point and yet blood must indeed be thicker than water. Their ages are ten, eleven and thirteen and yesterday they were all the same.

From the moment they said Hi, it was amazing. They were like a family that had been together their entire lives. They played in the ocean, swam to the raft, went down the slides about twenty times and then floated down the lazy river in huge inner tubes.

The laughed and played and jumped around constantly. They hugged and walked together everywhere. All three seemed to be equally at home in athletic or mental endeavors. The two boys both share a love of Lego and all three are big on games and puzzles.

They played chess, cards and tic/tac/toe. All a great match for one another and it was fun to see the similarities (and differences). My grandson and grand daughter from California have been raised in an exclusive, sheltered environment. Their lives have been very protected up to this point.

They have done extensive traveling in the United States, including at least ten trips to Hawaii and two or three to New York City. They have been to camp and on cruises. They have been raised in a Jewish home with deep religious values.

My other grandson has had a totally different background. He was born and raised in the Philippines, and is half Filippino. He has lived in various cities including Singapore and Tangiers.

He speaks Tagalog as a second language, while the other two speak Spanish. He is extremely independent. He has had a cell phone and credit card since he was six. Has played poker since he was five.

His religion is Catholic and just recently found out that he is half Jewish. His mother lives in the Philippines and my son has full custody. His life is full of school and beach. However he is very computer literate and has spent his life almost exclusively with adults.

All three grandchildren are much more adept at computers and cell phones than their parents, who are all extremely intelligent. It seemed that some of the politeness of the two ‘city children’ may have gotten mixed with some of the ‘street smarts’ of the other one.

All in all, a very interesting day. But I was exhausted when I got home and went right to sleep. I totally forgot about posting a blog.

I’m sorry about that, but here is your ‘reward’ for not having something new to ‘chew’ on yesterday.

Here is a great idea I got today. Thought I would share it with you readers.

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. With a small knife cut a cross-hatch pattern through the avocado pulp down to the skin, being careful not to cut through the skin.

Cut one or two slices of citrus and lay them on the cut surface of the avocado. Sandwich the other avocado half on top and wrap tightly. At lunchtime just squeeze the avocado and the little cubes will pop right out, perfectly perkily green.