Here is another repeat from February 2011. I think this bears repeating as it is so amazing. (And don’t scoff at this as it is 100% tested over the years by many people who believed me}

More than forty years ago I read a great book. The books was called The Secret of Perfect Living. It is long out of print but I do remember what it was about. It was years before the advent of the computer, but someone had figured out that the human brain works much the same way.

You need a ‘password’ to unlock your brain sometimes. I know this sounds crazy, but it really works. The main thrust of the book was to help one find things that were ‘lost’. Things like golf balls that were hit who knows where and car keys and sunglasses.

The magic word for finding things is REACH. You can’t just think it, you have to actually say it out loud, although some people have had luck with saying it silently. And it really works. Many times over the  years I have laid my car keys down on the bed, on the bar counter, under a magazine and by saying the word Reach, have gone right to the spot.

This also works well in the kitchen, when you can’t find the vanilla or a salt shaker that you just had a minute ago.

REACH is also a retriever of stored data in your own mind. Have you forgotten someone’s name, or a telephone number? You know you know, but it escapes you in the moment? With your attention on the missing information, simply send instructions to your mind-computer and silently say REACH. There may be a short delay, and then there appears that missing information in your awareness. (Note: REACH recalls information from your mind that you’re looking for; a complementary switchword, CARE, records information in your mind that you want to remember or memorize.)

Got a problem to solve, in work, play, a creative project, or a life situation? You can REACH a solution by declaring REACH and being open to receive the ideas, impulses, hunches, and manifestations that follow. It really works!

I have told many people about this and most of them think I am crazy, but a few ‘believers’ have tried it and it does work all the time. If the item you are searching for has been destroyed, of course you can’t ‘find’ it.

I remember when I first got the book I told my husband about it, as he was always losing his golf balls. He never would try it, as he thought it was nuts. Then one day he misplaced something at work and he and the entire office spent hours searching for the missing file.

Finally he sheepishly called me on the phone and said, “What was that word for finding things?”. I told him, “Reach”.  Five minutes later he called me back to thank me and say that they had found the missing item.

One of the most amazing ‘finding’ stories was the day I couldn’t find my car keys. I always throw them in my purse when I get out of the car and this time, they weren’t there. It seems that the day before I had gone to the mailbox, gotten my bank statement, opened it, put it back in the envelope and put it in my purse.

Later I threw my car keys in my purse. When I got in the house, I promptly filed the mail in the correct drawer, putting the bank statement envelope in the row behind the others.

The next day when I turned the house upside down looking for my car keys, I finally tried the word ‘Reach’. I immediately walked to the closet to the file drawer, pulled out the current bank statement envelope and there nestled in the papers, were my car keys.

This incident happened in 1971 and I have been a true believer ever since. Try it, what have you got to lose?

p.s. There are other words that do miraculous things, but the only one I can remember is the magic word for getting rid of a headache. The word is CHANGE.

I think it works, but I have only had three or four headaches in forty years. However there is another reason I don’t get headaches. I never buy aspirin or any pain killer. Do not have it in the house. It is a crutch. Throw away your crutches.

ppss. If you can’t remember the word Change, and you have a headache, here is an alternate remedy. Whatever side of your head hurts, take the opposite thumb and with the knuckle of your free hand press as hard as you can into the soft fleshy part of your lower thumb.

You may have to do this a couple of times and it will hurt. (If you do it to the ‘wrong’ thumb it won’t hurt at all). Your headache should disappear almost immediately.

p.s. I understand there is a similar book called Switchwords, which has about one hundred words that work in the same way. I haven’t read it, but I think I will try to track it down.

I checked online and the e-book is $21.75, I checked Amazon Kindle edition and there is another book called Switchword Magic for $2.99. I just downloaded it to my Kindle, but I haven’t read it yet.