Have you ever had a makeover? Whenever the major department stores offer a “free makeover”, I go. This one was pretty amazing. Nordstroms has a Beauty Event a couple of times a year. It is always fun, with a great DJ and hot music piped all over the cosmetics department.

Me, after a Lancome makeover.

Of course the makeup artist put about six products on my face before the makeup, so the base is incredible. By the time she put on the pre serums, the serums, the moisturizers, eye cream and microlift, I was ready for the actual makeup foundation

Before she got started with all that, she first took off my makeup and cleaned my face. She tried all sorts of removers to take off my lipstick. I informed her that my lips are tattooed and no amount of remover will take that off. I still put on lipstick and lipgloss, as I like the feel of a coating and I want the color to match whatever I am wearing.

She asked me if it hurt to have my lips tattooed. ‘Duh’. (No, it felt great).

It always amazes me how times have changed in the cosmetics industry. I remember when it was soap and water and Ponds cold cream.

When I was a teenager we put Ten o Six on our face. It burned, so I guess it did something. And there was Clearasil.

In college all the girls washed their faces with Noxema.

Growing up in Hawaii, the object was to bake in the sun all weekend and go to school on Monday with a glorious tan. We used Hawaiian Tropic sun tan oil, which was straight oil. (Or we used baby oil). And for real ‘deep frying’ we used coconut oil.

If we were feeling rich, we used Bain de Soleil, which smelled great, was greasy and sort of reddish in a tube and made you look tan even before you were tan. In any case sunscreen had not been invented and nobody knew that sun was very damaging to  your skin.

Now you are supposed to use sunscreen every day, even if you aren’t going to be going outside. What’s with that? And most people just dab it on and you are supposed to slather it all over.

And as I have had skin cancer on my face three times, I also wear a sun protective hat when I am going from my car to a store.This is my sun hat/zip off visor from Coolibar.

As far as washing your face, soap and water are out. You can either use cleansing cream and tissue off and then a toner or use a foaming face wash with a Clairsonic facial brush. Whatever your choice, be sure to follow up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

Today I found out that isn’t enough. NO, you must start with a pre serum and then a serum, to help your moisturizers penetrate better. And while you are at it, first put on some collegen booster for those lines and wrinkles.

There is another great ‘appliance’ called an Opal. This is made by the same people who make the Clarisonic facial cleaning system. This is a smooth thingy that you squirt with some dead sea serum and then rub all over your crow’s feet, and Voila.

I have a white one, but now they come in the most gorgeous turquoise. (I wonder when sewing machines will come out in color, instead of just black or white?)

Gee, for years I have been using Frownies. These are little paper triangles that you wet and put between your eyebrows for those frown lines. You get 144 of them for about $15 online. I think they are pretty good and a whole lot cheaper than Botox at $400 a pop.