I have had many hair dryers over the years. I used to think they were just for drying hair, but there are lots of other uses too.

BaByliss pro TT- perfect and so tiny and light

Of course they are great for quickly drying a wet spot on your shirt. If you spill some water on your pants leg or tee shirt, just a few blasts with the dryer will fix that.

But here is one, you may not have thought of. If your bathroom sink is clogged or just running slow, aim your hair dryer at the opening and blast away. Just don’t put the electric hair dryer in the water, or YOU will blast away.

Then when the water is all down the drain, hold the dryer right over the opening for a minute and let it blow out whatever is in the pipes. Amazing.

I have a mini travel dryer that I always use anyway and even that one works.