“Your call is very important to us”. “Due to an unusual high volume of calls, the wait time may be long, please call back at another time”. “All operators are assisting other customers, please hold for the next available operator”.

And my favorite, “All calls are answered in the order received, please do not hang up”.

Any of these greetings are met with dismay, when I call a company for assistance. It seems that the more high tech we get, the harder it is to actually reach a real live person in case there is a question or a problem.

Some companies start right off with a series of questions, which you answer by pressing a number. “If you are calling about a billing or payment question, press one now, if you are calling about a lost or stolen card, press two now, if you are calling for technical support, press three now. And so on.

I usually forget which number I am supposed to press by the time the robot has gotten to five or six. Then the robot will ask you your name, address, birthday and account number.

When you are finally transferred to a real person, the real frustration begins. Usually the first thing they say is, “What is your name, address, birthday and account number?”

If you reply that you just gave all that information, they will ask you a couple of security questions, such as mother’s maiden name, town you were born in, or your email address.

Once it is determined that you are you, it is time for the, “How may I help you today?” Once you state your problem, it is very likely that the person you are now speaking to is not the the actual person who can help with this particular concern.

This is when they say, “I am going to transfer you to our…” When you balk at this, the reply is,”It will just be a brief moment.”

Do you know the average time a brief moment is? One minute? Two minutes? Three minutes? NO, it is 15 minutes. All I can say is “Thank Goodness for the speaker/phone feature.”

The worst companies to try to reach by phone are insurance companies, medical anything, banks and credit card companies.

The best company for phone service, customer service and any other kind of service is Amazon. They have a button on their web site that says, “Phone me now”. The second you press this button, your phone will ring and it will be Amazon customer service just as cheerful as can be.

Have you noticed that whether you call Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or City Bank, they all have an operator with the exact same voice answering their phone.

Some companies don’t want to have to deal with customer service at all and only have an email address or a physical land address.

I would like to see a change in the Hello greeting that one normally get’s from a company. How about “Thank you for calling (such and such) today, how may I help you?”