One of the disadvantages of living in Hawaii is that there are cockroaches.

Even though I was born and raised here and should take them with a ‘grain of salt’, I don’t. I hate them. When I went away to college and lived on the mainland for a few years, I got spoiled.

No roaches in the drawers, or crawling on the counters. No little scurrying sounds as I entered the kitchen after dark. Then I came ‘Home’.

I shall never forget our first night back in the islands. My very conservative grandparents had invited us for dinner at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel Monarch Room. This was the ultimate in fine dining in 1958.

As dinner was served, a rather large cockroach crawled onto the table and my grandmother just shooed it away with her hand. My husband turned white. It was his first experience with a roach.

Even though I live in a high rise luxury condo, they are still here. I think they live in the walls. The roaches in Hawaii don’t care if your kitchen is immaculate, they still come round.

In fact they have shown up in Monopoly games, jig saw puzzles and horror of horrors, one day there was one in the magnifying window of the bathroom scale. It looked enormous. They like warm dark places.

After going through all the over the counter remedies and finding that nothing really worked, I was about to give up.

I had used the roach motels but our roaches are very smart and know not to go inside. Finally I found a solution: Terminix.

This is a terrific company. They come out and inspect everything and then they put bait out for the roaches to eat and take back to their nest. Evidently these critters are very sociable and groom one another. The poison is spread to the whole colony.

Hooray! No more roaches. Of course you have to sign up for the entire year for it to work, as the bait strength only lasts four months, so  they come out every three months to put out fresh bait. The cost for this happiness works out to a little more than $1 a day on an annual basis for a two bedroom/two bath condo.

A friend of mine was complaining that the roaches were eating the cat’s food right out of the bowl. I told him about Terminix and now he is a ‘Happy Camper’.

Once you have taken this giant step it is doubtful you would ever give up this wonderful service. By the way the men who come to do this are very polite and speedy.

I imagine that Hawaii is not the only place that has this problem. There are lots of other areas that have high humidity and soil conditions similar to ours. If you have this problem, you can do something about it. Call now. You won’t be sorry. (and no, this is not an ad for Terminix).