I have a girlfriend I have known for nearly forty years. We share a love of cooking, and so when she recommended her latest, greatest cookbook I decided to check it out.

At $40, a little pricey at Barnes and Noble, so I checked out Barnes and Noble.com. Only $23.80. But wait, free shipping on a $25 order, so I added a $2 item (some scented marking pens for my grand daughter).

This is what the book looked like on the website. I could hardly wait for it to arrive.

Very fast shipping, it came about two days later. But the box was huge and very heavy. When I opened it, I groaned. Oh, no. It was four inches thick and weighed about six pounds.

No way could I see myself thumbing through this epic book trying to pick out a recipe for dinner. I suppose you could just set it on the coffee table, as it is quite good looking.

But with 886 pages it is a little daunting. I should have known, when the description said 2000 recipes over 20 years of Cook’s Illustrated magazines. The good news is that they have a very good return policy and I can return it to the B and N store that is right across the street.

My biggest problem now, is lugging it to the car, out of the car and to the store. I have a herniated disc and was told by my doctor not to lift anything over five pounds.

P.S. If you like the color nail polish I am wearing, it is Peridot by Chanel. ($25). I know, that is ridiculous. (you could buy a cookbook with 2000 recipes). But their polish is so good, you will get a million compliments. The color is sort of a greenish/gold and beautiful in the sunlight.

PP.SS.Another favorite color of mine, also by Chanel is Black Pearl.The color is a very rich black pearly grey. This is named in honor of Capt. Jack Sparrow’s ship on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Be prepared for lots of compliments if you wear this one.