E-Boost is an energy supplement that I use and like. It is orange flavor (also pomegranate) and comes in a little powder filled packet. You dissolve it in a glass of water (or put it in a smoothie) and it gives you lots of good vitamins and energy for the day.

Or you can use it as a mid afternoon ‘pick me up’. It also comes in tablet form. sort of like those Alka Seltzer tablets. Right now there is a ‘special’ on those. Buy one, get one free with code ‘SUMBOGO’. So for $14.99 you get two tubes. (there are ten in a tube)

Free shipping on a $30 order, but not to Hawaii or Alaska.

I just tried to order and forgot my password. Here is the letter they sent me:

Forgot your Password?

Dear Sandra,

Did you know EBOOST boosts your memory and prevents forgotten passwords?  But in case you haven’t boosted today, here’s yours:

USER NAME:  sandyconrad@hawaii.rr.com
PASSWORD:  eboost

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