I have been going to the Art Academy for nearly seventy years. When I was a little girl my mother enrolled me in art class. I would go every Saturday. That is where I learned to fingerpaint.

I always love wandering around their cool stone corridors. It is so peaceful. There are always interesting exhibits and something new to see.

Today Peter took me to the Art Academy for a photographic tour and lunch at their outdoor cafe. We had fun photographing each other amidst the statuary.

Here is one that Peter took of me.

The featured exhibit was about Tattoo in Hawaii. The photographs were amazing. Some of the men were covered from head to toe. The men were inked almost everywhere. Ouch.

I have one beautiful rose tattoo. It is black/white and the color you see is simply my natural skin. That took about two hours and cost $200. These elaborate designs must take years and cost in the thousands of dollars.

Mine wasn’t all that painful. Of course I took a Vicodin first, ate half a box of See’s candy and Peter held my hand the whole time.

The women who had body tattoos usually only had a full sleeve of art. But sometimes the back, including the buttocks. Really beautiful pictures of dragons and maidens and vines and feathers.

Several of the women had full body tattoos covering side, back, buttocks and one leg. Birds and feathers seemed to be a recurring theme. Lots of oriental art work with a Japanese look.

If you are living in Honolulu or visiting someday, be sure and make a stop at the Art Academy. Also you can sign up for a tour of the Doris Duke estate through the same office.

This is an amazing tour and one not to be missed. It begins and ends at the A of A. A shuttle bus takes you to and from. Before you leave for the tour, there is a movie and exhibit of what you are going to see.

The estate is on the ocean just beyond Diamond Head. She imported entire walls and ceilings from India and Morocco. Many of these artifacts were hundreds of years old.

The Art Academy has a very nice gift shop. Everything from postcards and books to beautiful kimonos and jewelry. Now they have a large section featuring tattoo items.

Besides an Ed Hardy tee shirt, there are temporary tattoo kits and even a tattoo coloring book. Something for everyone.