I have always had an aversion to wearing sneakers.

As I don’t run or exercise, it always seemed like a fake way of pretending that I did. Sort of like when we used to wear tennis dresses in the 70’s even though we didn’t play tennis.

But when the chiropractor told me that I ought to be wearing sneakers with a good arch support as an aid to my back and knees, I decided to try a pair.

Eccos on the left, K Swiss on the right

I didn’t own any, so my sister, who wears the same size shoe I do, loaned me her brand new Eccos. As these were $100 walking shoes, I figured they would be good.

After two days of wearing them, I wasn’t thrilled and so started checking out Zappos. I typed in the search bar: women’s sneakers with a good arch support.

K Swiss came up. Kwicky Blade-Lite. $130 for sneakers, and these would be mainly for wearing around the house and to the market. One of the reviews was from a woman who said they were great for walking her dog. (close enough)

All the reviews were so good, that I seriously started wondering if the folks at Zappos  wrote them themselves. But since Zappos offers free returns, I figured what  the heck and I chose the bright yellow pattern. Plus these are extremely light, which really appealed to me.

Their web site is very easy to navigate and they carry a huge selection of brands and sizes. I was informed that this was the last pair in stock. Now I could hardly wait for them to arrive.

Then I decided to check Amazon and see if they carried these also. Yes, they had the same ones, but in Digital Blue. $130.60. I decided it would be a good idea to have two pairs to switch off.

Plus what if yellow didn’t go with my outfit? Then blue probably would. ‘Slave to fashion’ me.

Today the ones from Zappos came. Very fast service, just a couple of days, and there was a weekend in there. I immediately put them on and fell in love with them. (If you can fall in love with a shoe).

There is no comparison to the Ecco. They are much wider through the toe bed, the arch is better, the material breathes and  they are easier to slip on. And I wear mine barefoot.

If you are in the market for a good sneaker (or even if you are not), I highly recommend K Swiss sneakers. Oh, and the foot pad slips out if you want to put in an orthotic or something else.

These are women’s but Amazon has the same model for men in sort of a grey/black digital print with red trim on the rubber and red shoelaces. Very snappy.