Here is another blog from the past. This one from October 2010.

The ‘library’ of books in the photo is a ceiling high wall mural I installed in my living room.

When I was ten I had the complete collection of Nancy Drew. I can still remember the thrill of buying each new one the day it was released. Now I always have a “book going”.

I choose books by author. I have many favorites. I will list them in no particular order.

Jodi Picoult- for novels about real life issues. The first one I ever read and probably my favorite was Nineteen Minutes, about a school massacre and its effects on the parents, community etc. But all her books are great.

Nelson de Mille-Very good writer. Up Country was my first foray into his books and I laughed out loud. I like all his books. Good for men and women readers.

Terry McMillan-Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got her Groove Back, Getting to Happy. Novels from the point of view of a wealthy black woman, and her friends. Chick flick books.

Jennifer Weiner- Good in Bed and all her other books. She is very funny. Chick flick books.

Jeffrey Archer-Cain and Able and all his other books. Great plots with a real twist at the end. Good for men and women readers.

Lee Child-The Jack Reacher novels. Jack is an ex MP, who is a nomad. He is a very large, tough guy.  He is always thrown into some sort of a mystery. He has no possessions, not even a watch. But he has a built in watch in his head.

He buys clothes, wears them and then throws them away and buys some more. He has no house, car etc., but he does carry a toothbrush. Good for men and women readers.

Many of my books are ‘How to’ books on crafts, painting, needlework and decorating. My reference books include ones on health, astrology, art and artists. It’s good to have a lot of varied interests. (Don’t want to be a ‘one trick pony’).

I’m embarrassed to say I have never read Harry Potter. I tried, but just didn’t ‘get it’. Meanwhile, my grandson had read them all by the time he was ten.

I buy most of my paperbacks and “quality” paperbacks at Costco. It’s Doubleday Book Club for my hardbacks.

Here is my Book Club method. I join a Book Club and get six books for 99 cents for joining. That keeps me busy for a couple of months. Then when there is a sale, I buy two books, when there is another sale I buy two more. There, I’ve fulfilled my obligation and I have ten hardback books for around $60. Then I cancel my membership and in a month or so start over.

I check out the book section whenever I go to a thrift shop. Most books are $1 or $2 and paperbacks are even less. An even more economical way to get your books is to go to the Public Library, where they are free.

Have you tried audio books through Audible? You can join for three months for $7.49 a month and try it. They have 75,000 titles and even I could figure out their website. You can download books to your computer/phone and play them in your car while you are wasting time in traffic or listen to them like a bed time story.

Whether you read books in print, or listen to them on your computer or phone, you are missing a lot in life, if you don’t read. There are thousands of books out there on any subject you can imagine.

p.s. Since I wrote this blog nearly two years ago, I am adding a few books that I have read since then. Of course ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. ‘Steve Jobs’, ‘Newlyweds’ and currently I am reading ‘Guilty Wives’ by James Patterson. There have been many others, too numerous to mention, but these are a few current ones you may enjoy.

As you can see I have very varied tastes. ‘Fifty Shades’ is a very sexy book about S and M. ‘Steve Jobs’ is a biography of a genius.

‘Newlyweds’ is a novel about an Indian woman who meets a man in Rochester N.Y. on an internet dating site. She comes to the United States and they get married. Talk about culture shock.

And the book I am reading now, ‘Guilty Wives’ is the story of four women on vacation in Monte Carlo. They are framed for the murder of the president of France. I can’t tell you more, as I am only one third of the way through this book.

OK> I stayed up late last night and finished ‘Guilty Wives’. Wow! I couldn’t put it down.