Sometimes it is fun to watch an old favorite TV show like I Love Lucy or Amos and Andy.

Many times I have picked up a book from my childhood and enjoyed reading it again. One of my all time favorite authors is A.A. Milne. ‘When We Were Very Young’ and ‘Now We Are Six’.

So yesterday when Peter asked if I could remember what I had written in the past two years and how could I avoid writing about the same thing again, it got me to thinking.

I have written over 600 posts. Many of you readers only started checking out my blog in the past year. Some, only in the past month. So I have decided to ‘reprint’ some of my favorite posts.

I will start way back in September 2010. Not every one. But I will begin with one of my very first attempts: From September 27, 2010

Decoupage, How to make new things out of old things

One of my favorite things to do, is to remake things I have or find at Thrift Shops by simply covering them with cutouts or photos.  It is very easy and fun to do.  All you do is take any item, say a tray or an old brown jewelry box and a box of photos or cut out pictures from a magazine, such as a favorite catalog or photos of food, or cars or whatever.

Rubber cement is a good thing to use for glue as it doesn’t wrinkle up the paper, but you can use tacky glue, school glue or a glue stick.  Put the bigger ones on first and fill in spaces with smaller images.  Oh, you cut around the person or thing so you have lots of odd shapes…

You can always peel off, rearrange or glue over.  When you are pleased with your result, you can get fancy and dab a little silver or gold leaf here and there, but that is not necessary as that starts to make the item expensive.

Now just rub some tacky glue, or school glue all over the surface and smooth with your fingers…It will look all creamy and white but will dry clear and seal all the edges…Voila….Enjoy

p.s. I recently covered an old beat up wooden shelf. I just glued on all sorts of greeting cards which I had saved over the years. I cut out all the pretty parts of the cards so they were odd shapes. The fancy borders made great edges.

To make even strips for the sides and edges of shelves, a paper cutter makes this work much easier. I use a Fiskars brand I got at Ben Franklin for $20. Martha Stewart also makes a good one. And a pair of sharp pointy scissors is a must.

After covering my work with tacky glue and letting it dry, I had a nice slick surface. This is now my ‘miniature perfume bottle shelf’.

ppss. if you have some eyeshadow containers, each one usually has a little mirror. If you want to bend the top off you can snap out the mirror part and glue a few of these here and there for an accent. These are good on the ‘back wall’ of your shelf.

If you don’t have any little mirrors, you can buy a package of small mirrors in various shapes at any craft store for a couple of dollars.