My favorite TV show of all time, Dallas, is back twenty years later. I was a big fan along with 30 million other viewers.

The show features three of the original cast, except now they are really twenty years older. Larry Hagman is J.R. and he is now about eighty. Younger brother Bobby, Patrick Duffy, is sixty and ‘head of the family’. Linda Gray is J.R.’s ex wife and John Ross’s mother.

When the opening two hours of the new series aired on Wednesday, there were only 6 million people who watched the show.

I fully meant to be one of them. I thought I taped the show for watching a little later, but I goofed and missed it entirely.

I was really bummed and then realized I could get it on iTunes. What a relief. I put the first two hours on my computer for only $2.99.

Saved by technology. There is also a great little six minute extra for free on iTunes that gives the whole history and family tree of the Ewing family, which helps you keep all the characters straight.

Here is a quick synopsis: South Fork Ranch, the home of the Ewings was purchased by Ellie and Jock Ewing 150 years ago. Jock made his fortune in oil. But South Fork was a cattle ranch and when Jock died, Ellie made her sons promise to keep it that way.

Their two sons, J.R, played by Larry Hagman, and his younger brother Bobby,played by Patrick Duffy are always at odds. J.R. is there for the money and Bobby has ideals and honor.

J.R. has a son, John Ross. He is as sly as his father and he wants to drill for oil on the family land. He also wants to control South Fork, and have his father and uncle declared incompetent.

He needed the help of the family lawyer to do this and is now being blackmailed by him to the tune of $2 million dollars.

Bobby has an adopted son, Christopher, who thinks oil is ‘over’ and is into alternative energy.

The story begins with this conflict over land use. Bobby finds out he has cancer and wants to sell South Fork to get money to back his sons new business. He wants to turn the land into a park, which means NO oil drilling. John Ross wants to block the sale.

Christopher was in love with their cook’s daughter Elena, but has just married Rebecca. John Ross also had a ‘thing’ with Elena. Rebecca has a brother Tommy.

As part two comes to an end, we see Rebecca and Tommy plotting to gain the family fortune. Evidently this ‘match made in heaven’ was totally set up by R and T. It has been a two year ‘con’ and poor Christopher is going to have his heart broken again.

Well there are certainly enough twists and turns to keep every one of the viewers hooked and wondering, what will happen next?

I plan to be very careful when I tape next weeks show (and the entire series). However the neat thing about getting the series on iTunes is that there are NO commercials. For $29 I am very tempted to get the whole series this way.

I have an Apple TV, so I can stream Dallas from my computer and watch it in bed on my 32 inch TV. All I need is a big bowl of homemade popcorn and I am all set.

If you missed the opening two hour segment, you can get it on iTunes for only $2.99. That is less than one issue of The Enquirer. (Cheaper than the price of a half gallon of milk or a box of corn flakes, one pound of strawberries, or a box of Wheat Thins here in Hawaii) .