Here is a good idea for tip money.

This is also a good gift for slipping into a greeting card. Here is what you do.

Get a packet of brand new one dollar bills from the bank. You can usually find these easily at Christmas time. If you want to do this now, you may have to call your bank and see if they have, or can get a package of 100 brand new dollar bills.

Put some clothes pins or firm clips along one long side of bills to compress them into a stack. Run rubber cement along the other long side of the bills.

Let this dry and remove clothes pins. You will have a nice tablet of $1 bills that you can simply peel off one at a time.

This makes a pretty thick stack, so you may want to separate this into two stacks of 50.

If you want to give a gift to that grandchild, niece or nephew, just peel off ten or twenty and put in a greeting card.

This is very handy for travel, or just to slip into  your checkbook or wallet. And when giving a tip, it is very impressive to just peel off a bunch of bills.