Now that my back is ‘out’, I find myself watching a lot of TV. Last night I watched a DVD from Netflix, Albert Nobbs.

This is a movie with Glen Close. She plays a man and really it is difficult to ‘see’ that she is really who she is. This takes place in London over one hundred years ago. Sort of in the time of Dickens.

The story is that as a woman she could not find employment and so she borrowed a suit and applied for a job as a waiter. She got the job and spent her life being a waiter in fine hotels and restaurants.

She wore a very straight corset to hide her womanly features and with her hair short and no makeup, she passed for a man for many years.

He/her life was very lonely and austere. His/her dream was to save enough money to open a tobacco shop. But she also dreamed of having a ‘wife’ to help her in the shop.

There is a girl who is a waitress and he/she fancies her. Unfortunately the girl is in love with someone else. The someone else is a real cad. Not only does she get pregnant, but the someone else encourages her to lead Albert on and get whatever she can from him/her.

When the cad dumps her, the movie goes on and I don’t want to tell you the ending as it might spoil it for you, if you want to watch it.

This is not a lighthearted romp of a movie, but well acted and a pretty good story. I don’t think men would like this movie at all, but it is not your standard ‘chick flick’ either.

It is worth watching strictly for the great makeup/makeover of Glen Close as a man.