Today I went to the chiropractor. He was really wonderful and it is such a pleasure to not be in pain.

Besides unkinking my back, which was ‘locked’ in place, he gave me a few health tips, which I thought I would pass on to you.

First, drink lots of water. You really can’t overdo this part. Not only does this help flush toxins out of your body, if you have any disc or joint problems, it helps to lubricate your joints and keep things moving.

Second item which is very good for you is Organic cranberry juice. The regular Ocean Spray has too much sugar. This is also good for cleaning out toxins and preventing infections in your system.

Now for the last item. Odorless garlic pills. He said I should take these for the rest of my life. Miracle garlic is a great infection fighter. Don’t worry, there is no smell to this.

I use garlic in all my cooking, but it is hard to get enough to really do any good health wise. So two tabs with meals is the latest addition to my diet

I got these at the health food store. I think I will get my next batch at Costco. They always have a very good price on supplements.

This was not a good day to go to Costco. I was told to spend the day in bed with an ice pack on my back. Twenty minutes on, one hour off. Etc…

I remember reading about a cold preventative that the pioneers used to use. The mother made a little bag of peeled garlic cloves and hung it around her child’s neck. The way this worked was that nobody wanted to get near the wearer, as they smelled so terrible.

I guess this kept germs from spreading. Now we have much better methods. In Vegas the casinos have hand sanitizing dispensers all around. And I saw these at the entrance to Safeway just the other day.

I think this is catching on, and soon it will be automatic for children and adults alike to give their hands a squirt whenever they pass one of these nifty machines.

.I figure, what the heck, these three things are easy to do. Hope you find this good advice.