I just returned from my vacation and in checking my reader count, it seems I had just as many readers each day I was gone as I usually do.

How is this possible? Were you guys catching up on ‘old blogs?

Meanwhile I had a nice getaway. It always feels good to ‘get off the rock’. I really miss the rest of the world.

First stop was San Francisco, for my grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. It was very special and not just because it was my grandson. I will have to write a whole blog just about that.

Then I flew to Las Vegas for a four day jaunt. I always enjoy Vegas, but this time my back went out twice and I found myself in a wheelchair. Not fun.

Security was great at my hotel and they came immediately. I didn’t do a lot of gambling but I do enjoy Triple Play Video Poker. I had the fun of winning $100 on one spin, but that was just a quick fix.

I am home now and my back is still ‘out’, so for those of you who can relate to herniated discs and other back issues, I’m sure you will understand that this blog will not be a barrel of laughs.

Most of the day was spent in bed catching up on sleep and then watching the NBA game between the Celtics and the Heat. As I am a Heat fan, I was a happy camper.

Now I will enjoy the finals between the Thunder and the Heat. Gee, sounds like a Nature Series.

Hopefully tomorrow my back will be better and I will be back to my funny self.